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Over 20 years experience.

Outsource your IT

with confidence.

Datericorp's IT services include development and management of databases, software, reporting, websites, online advertising, SEO, and networks.

Database Services

  • Consultation:

    Not sure how to implement your data needs? On premise servers, virtual servers, AWS, AZURE, or Google Cloud Services? What solution is best for you? Datericorp's goal is to work closely with project owners to determine the most cost effective solution for your organization.
    Project Consulting Services from $525 USD.

  • Database architecture and creation

  • Optimization and tuning

  • Reporting Services development and deployment

  • Management

  • Failover Planning

  • Hardware assessment and deployment

  • Query writing - TSQL


  • Coding Services

    Datericorp is available for contract coding. Contracts can range from 2 weeks to 6 months or more depending on your needs. Fixed pricing and easy monthly billing is available.

  • Many software languages

    Javascript Development .NET Programming Web Services (SOA)

    .NET, Javascript, TSQL, VBScript, Node.js, MVC, Razor, JSON, XML, HTML5, CSS, REST, SOAP, WFC and more.

  • Business Software architecture and coding

  • Commercial Software architecture and coding

  • Mobile Software architecture and coding

  • Integration of 3rd party API's

  • Web Services (SOA - Service Oriented Architecture)

  • Full Stack - SQL / .NET Core, MVC, Node.js / Asp, Aspx (C# and VB), Razor, Angular / HTML5, Javacript, Typescript/ CSS and more

  • Web Services

  • Internet website development and management

    We provide website development and management services for corporate websites.

    Branding your company on the internet is important and so is the look of your brand across platforms. Datericorp can provide modern responsive development techniques that make your company look its best on both mobile and desktop devices.

    Social media and third party api integration or custom coding is always available to make the most of your company's presence on the web.

    Remember, many of your customers are mobile, are you?

  • Webmaster services

    - Are you a business owner consuming too much of your time managing and maintaining a web presence?

    - Is a full time web development and management staff too expensive and under utilized?

    - Does your corporate culture require a blend of full time and outsourced IT professionals?

    If the answer to any of those questions is yes, Datericorp can provide an outsourced solution. We can build out and manage your corporate website with google integration using industry standards that help promote your company on the web.

  • Online Marketing Services

  • Search engine optimization - SEO

    Datericorp can optimize how you show up in organic google searches.
    Our proven SEO methodolgy, including keyword procurement and Google Knowledge Card optimization with JSON markup, can help your company achieve multiple first page listings in organic google search. We can optimize your search engine results across devices to maintain a professional look for your online corporate presence. Make sure your customers can find your company on the web!

  • Google search console/analytics/adwords deployment and management

    Datericorp can manage your Google Adwords account.
    Adwords can consume time and money. Creating a good keyword list is painstaking and using "AI" suggested keywords at face value can be expensive and produce mixed results. Years of experience allows Datericorp to optimize your adwords budget while procuring keywords and matching styles relevant to your business. Datericorp can handle campaign, advertisement and keyword creation and management within or under budget.

  • Social media advertising, development and deployment

  • Email marketing development and management

  • Call center integration

  • Salesforce Services

    Datericorp - Salesforce development Services

  • Administration

  • Interfacing - REST, SOAP, Javascript, Java

  • Data modeling - Standard and Custom Objects

  • Data scrubbing

  • Data imports

  • Networking Services