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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

SOA has become a common way to provide and consume data over the web or network. Typically, the use of XML, JSON, SOAP, Javascript, .NET / WCF or another programming language is utilized to provide communication to and from a self contained, stateless, black box application.

If you need to consume data from a third party web service we are fully versed in creating and receiving XML or JSON communication using .NET and Javascript or JQuery via AJAX. Older style SOAP is also available.

If you need to create your own web service to accept data, enforce business rules and respond to a client application via your standards or industry specific standards, Datericorp can work with your company to develop and optimize a web service using SOA architecture on the .NET / WCF / IIS platform. Both REST and SOAP architecture are available.

3rd party integration

Communication to 3rd party api via:
on .net /javascript platform

Your web service

Recieve and send data to clients via your api using:
on .net /javascript platform

Web UI

Presentation layer development of consumed data from 3rd party api.

Managed IT

Management and support of your web service api.

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