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Customized eCommerce Solutions for
Wholesale - Retail - Event Registrations

Are you looking for a wholesale B2B ecommerce platform that works with Quickbooks™?

As customized as you need.

  • Customers and Sales Team can order online any time anywhere.
  • Merchandisers can categorize & prioritize products on your b2b website.
  • Marketing can trigger creative from product category
  • Promote products, brands, new inventory, and high margin categories.
  • Warehousing can see bin locations, back ordered status, and picked status.

  • Create an invoice in Quickbooks ™
    Use your own payment processor or take payments using Paypal™.

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    Guide your visitors down the road to becoming customers.
    Customized eCommerce solutions for selling products, services, or registrations.

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    eCommerce Shopify Solutions

    Do you need a Shopify eCommerce website? Datericorp can build it! Fresh looks and quick turn arounds. Custom integration and more.

    Shopify eCommerce Websites

    Customer Friendly - New Fresh Looks

    Custom Templates

    Shopify Product Import File

    Shopify Inventory Update File


    Merchandise Channels like Google Merchandise, Google Shopping, Google Product.
    Let's get started! Let's get customers! Let's make it happen!

    Let's build your website ;)

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    Who do we integrate with?

    Custom Virtual Private Machine & Cloud Solutions

    Social Media

    Google Shopping
    Google Merchant
    Google Analytics
    Google Ads
    Google My Business
    Google Search

    Payment Processors
    Chase Pay

    Accounting / Inventory / Invoices / Sales

    Sales Channels
    Meta - Facebook Shopping
    Instagram Shopping through Meta

    Don't Forget About Your
    Digital Marketing!

    Ok, you have your store now what? People need to find your products. Technical Product SEO and Product Tagging is a must! It helps your products be found in a consistent manner accross search and sales channels. Our Shopify inventory app can allow you to import a product data file that includes SEO and Google Merchant data.

    Our digital marketing department will set you up for success with Google Ads and keyword placement to bridge the gap between your products and your customers. Let's get started.

    Help! I need PPC

    Knowledge is Power

    From the eCommerce Consultant FAQs
    Do I need a GTIN, UPC , BARCODE?

    If possible yes, get a GTIN for your branded products. If your not selling your own brand then your vendor should be able to provide a product list or order summary. Find the GTIN. Google, Amazon and other merchant channels prefer or require, in some cases, a GS1 GTIN.

    Learn more about retail GTIN numbers.

    Get GS1 Barcodes