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We handle your Technology
So you can handle your Business.

We handle your Technology
So you can handle your Business.

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Q: Can I contract hire Datericorp for a programming project?
A: Yes, you can hire Datericorp for a set amount of time. We offer per project pricing. For example, if you have a database/ middle tier/ front end (Full Stack) project that you need completed in 3 months we offer monthly billing and can produce a completed product based on the scope of work agreed upon.

Q: I have an idea about what I want but don't know how to do it. Can you take my vision and turn it into a product?
A: Yes, we can act as business analysts and IT to transform your business needs and requirements into technical specs and produce a working product your company or clients can consume. We will gather any of your business specific rules and enforce them in code. We can also perform hardware analysis to implement the appropriate hardware solution for your project.

Q: I have an existing system but it's not able to handle our current needs. Can you help?
A: Yes. If your system is experiencing poor performance we can diagnose bottlenecks and poor code and implement a fix. If you need to expand your current capabilites we can tie into existing databases and code to provide the functionality your business needs to grow. If you need an entire overhaul of your current system we can provide that as well by converting your existing system to a faster, more streamline and more capable system with new functionality if needed.

Q: I need to integrate a third party service into my system. Can you do that?
A: Yes. Datericorp has integrated many business to business services. Typically, these are RESTFUL applications and require JSON, XML, SOAP, .NET and Javascript to transmit and receive information.

Q: I need my company to show up better in search and I need google adwords set up and maintained. Can you do that?
A: Yes, we offer SEO and online marketing services. Over the years we have developed an online marketing and SEO strategy that produces lower cost / high placement results. We are well versed in google products and google search and can help your business with organic and paid search.