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Using Your Data

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Data Consolidation & Automation

Is your business struggling with data from multiple products?
Are multiple employees manually running reports, aggregating data, and emailing it to key group members?

Imagine the efficiency gains of consolidating all this valuable information onto one integrated platform. Our solution not only centralizes your data but also automates the process, saving you time and resources. Ready to elevate your reporting game? Explore how our platform can transform and simplify your data management. Get in touch today!

Consolidate Your Data From Many Systems to One

Centralized location for key analytical data
Custom Data Driven Dashboards
Save time and resources

No more manual data aggregation
No more manual emails of reports
Consitent integration with systems you use for your business

We can integrate with almost any system

Here are just some of our system integrations:
SQL Server - Paypal - Quickbooks Online - Yardi - Toast - Korona - Microsoft Azure - Excel
API   ETL   ELT   Excel Macros   MSGraph FTP  

Database Solutions

SQL Server

Sql Server on a VM or AZURE SQL Server. Archeticture, creation, and tuning.

Query Writing

Optimized stored procedures for use on web, analytics, reporting, and more

No SQL - Cosmos DB

Non relational data for high traffic retrieval.


Extract and load data from mutliple sources via SSIS, AZURE Data Factory, AZURE Data Pipes and more into your database.

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