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Over 20 years experience.

Outsource your IT

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About Datericorp

As a dedicated IT services provider, Datericorp fits into your organization as the IT piece of the business puzzle. From new development to management, use us as much or as little as you need.

     Datericorp works with business owners, office managers and project managers to gather information about your IT needs, propose a solution and implement that solution. This could be anything from creating new databases and reporting services to online advertising and web development to networking and failover planning to disaster recovery.

Datericorp understands that businesses need quality IT services that are both reliable and affordable. Our goal is to provide IT solutions that move your company forward. Whether your business is seeking growth or cost savings, Datericorp is here to help with or manage that effort.

We offer easy flexible pricing options based on:
  • Project hourly rate or as a flat fee for your project
  • Flat fee montly management packages.

  • When you are ready to begin, just click schedule an appointment or call sales at (954)-687-9933 to start the process with a consultation and proposal.